Our innovative range of re-usable products were developed in response to consumer demand. Award winning and highly recommended by health care professionals, this line of products assist in managing all types of incontinence and excessive perspiration in a discreet, comfortable and cost-effective way.

Washable bed mats

Known for superior technology, Conni’s reusable bed & chair pads for incontinence, toilet training and excessive perspiration are fully washable, making them environmentally sustainable, cost-effective and easy to use.

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Mattress Protectors

Waterproof mattress and pillow protectors are used to fully protect your valuable mattress and pillows from fluids and odours. Soft and luxurious, breathable and quiet, you are ensured a comfortable sleep.



Conni waterproof, absorbent and re-usable undergarments are designed to absorb and protect. Slim, fashionable and discreet, they are suitable for light incontinence, providing confidence for every-day, sports or post-surgery use.

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Floor Mats

The Conni Absorbent Mat is designed to sit firm and flat on the floor to help prevent trips and slips in areas where liquid might be spilled.

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Toilet Training

Conni Kids offer customers an array of products to help take the stress out of bed-wetting and toilet training. These uniquely designed products assist in getting children out of diapers and provide confidence for every-day and special needs


Swim Shorts

Re-usable swim shorts designed to provide adults and children a safe, secure and confident aquatic experience.


Pet Pad

Highly absorbent, multi-purpose pet pad. Aides in-house training, transportation and overall home cleanliness. Versatile - a size to suit every application.

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Conni has been Australia’s leading brand of re-usable incontinence management products for more than 21 years. Our management team has a collective of 60 plus years experience in the design and manufacture of technical textiles and the supply and management of major brand products into the world market.

Incorporating Conni, ConniKids, Conni Critters and Pick-Pocket: Galway Trading’s global distribution includes New Zealand, South Africa, United States, United Kingdom, Japan and Europe. Our products are used in commercial laundries, aged care facilities, hospitals and in the home.

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The Conni range is developed in response to consumer demand and we proudly declare our products free of PVC, latex and formaldehyde. We are recommended by health care professionals and have been evaluated and selected for numerous Australian Government health contracts. This is a testament to our quality, innovation and service.

Galway Trading is SEDEX accredited.

Benefits of partnering with Galway

  • Our development team are specialists in absorbent and waterproof textile products
  • We have the market influence, distribution system and the knowledge to ensure we bring the best products to our customers
  • Our logistics hubs and investment in inventory ensures prompt delivery of orders
  • Galway is committed to developing strong partnerships and business relationships built on transparency, accountability and respect
  • Galway has an ongoing dedication to brand and product development with commitment that sets us apart from competitors
  • We are a market leader in Incontinence